Owing to the related technology cultivated over many years and the competitive cost performance neon signs continue to play the major role among outdoor media. In contrast to strong and monotonous forms of light such as fluorescent lamp light, the light emitted by neon signs has a pleasant effect upon people: as well as being able to represent several dozens of colors, it has the power to appeal to the subconscious mind.
Color: Capable to represent any kinds of colors by using fluorescent and colored tubes. Neon light is basically obtained by electric discharge through neon gas (red) and argon gas (blue). Combinations with other light sources, flashlights, new light sources, etc., are also possible.
Shape: Adaptable to any kinds of shapes such as straight lines, curved lines, two-dimensional objects and three-dimensional objects. Design involves combinations of processed neon tubes with diameters of between 8 and 14 millimeters.
Motion: By computer-controlled flashing devices, all kinds of motion such as simple on-off switching, gradual on-off switching and complex flashing program are possible. An extensive range of brilliant and sophisticated effects can be obtained.

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