Electronic signs (Multi message signs using electronic technology) are the most up-to-date item of electric signs. They have become the focus of attention as a form of hardware fully adaptable to the age of high technology and advanced information. Through the use of on-line systems, electronic signs constitute a new medium with the capacity to adapt to multi-media and they are being looked on as the information systems of the next generation. The main features of electronic signs ,compared with conventional signs is that they can allow for the real time change of their information content (script‚“ or images) in accordance with purpose.
Sound: Adaptable to sound, which will be an indispensable element of future multimedia. Can be installed anywhere with a need for sound effects such as public facilities and indoor installations.
Time: Hardware ranges from the display exclusively for written information to the display adaptable to visual information. Expression is possible just in real time.
Presentation: Many kinds of electronic signs are existing such as LED, CRT, Q boards, and Tri-Vision. Selection based on purpose and cost consideration is possible.

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