With the gradual change from neon signs to electric signs, we need now to think about the roles which electric signs will play as we move into the 2000 and into the future

1998 and into the future

The role of outdoor advertising is changing hand in hand with the age in which we live. There is a need for increasingly complex forms of communication. In order to respond to these new conditions, the neon sign industry is pushing ahead with new, innovatory concepts throughout the industry while keeping a firm grasp on its obligations toward the urban environment. On the basis of all these facts, there is a subject with which only we can contribute to the society. That is our technology and know-how which we have developed with the long-time experience of neon-signs to meet the ever-changing society. What we are going to realize is exactly the means to express the development of the society towards 21st century.

We are moving from gneon signsh to gelectric & electronic signs".

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