Welcome to the website of the All Japan Neon-sign Association!

The All Japan Neon-sign Association is a public-service incorporated body approved by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. It consists of 500 or so companies active throughout Japan in the neon sign industry. The Association is engaged in a variety of activities ranging from the performance of research and surveys on neon signs and electric signs (the whole range of signs including illuminated signboards and display panels) to technical guidance and training and efforts to improve the safety and functions of signs.

We also aim to contribute to Japanese economic development and to improvements in the standard of living in Japan by providing signs which fit in beautifully with the urban environment and landscape. This website is a crystallization of our PR magazine NEOS. It is jam-packed with fascinating information ranging from the activities of the Association to technical information and details of signs all over the world. Outdoor advertising is intimately linked to the lives of the Japanese people, just as much so as the broadcasting and print media.

I hope your interest will be stimulated by our website, and I look forward to hearing your opinions and impressions of it.

Junzaburo Itano, Chairman, All Japan Neon-sign Association

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