Town Mascot

 ― Neon Chandelier ―  

This picture was taken in the foyer at the commemoration of Anniversaire Omotesando’s 10th anniversary in Kita-Aoyama at the following request from one of the neon tube processing companies affiliated with AJNA : “Please let people know that our tubes are not just used for outdoor advertisement, but also for applications that point in entirely new directions.”

The chandelier is approximately 3 m high and is wonderfully represented by high-intensity white neon tubes. A frame combining round steel bars and steel plates discreetly supports the neon.

Although the surrounding area was bathed in LED illumination, people walking by paused for a while to gaze at the warm glow of neon lights and took pictures with cameras and mobile phones.

(Kanto Koshinetsu Branch T. M.)


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